We developed our unique program out of 20+ years of experience in Silicon Valley, 18+ years as a Senior Engineer for the top engineering corporation in the world, personal contact with professional athletes and elite coaches, as well as extensive research of socio economic and political landscape of the communities we serve.

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Souletics® STEM Online Engineering Academy

Souletics® STEM Engineering Academy was developed to bridge the gap between silicon valley and the underexposed and under served community. This program was developed by 18 year Intel Corporation veteran, two sport professional athlete and entrepreneur Damon J. Smith. Souletics® STEM Engineering Academy focuses on 4 critical areas beginning programming, electronics 101, computer engineering basics and robotics. It includes a personalized learning environment with videos design not only to teach but engage the student and teacher. Souletics® STEM Engineering Academy has videos and tutorials focused on four critical areas of engineering.

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ON SALE NOW! Feb 21, 2015 The Souletics Experience Benefitting Souletics STEM at Mondavi Center

Join us Feb 21, 2015 at the Mondavi Center as Spoken Word Artist Rafa Selase presents the "The Souletics Experience." This event will benefit Souletics® STEM. Come enjoy live music, an incredible multi-media performance, great networking, and complementary wine & appetizers.

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STEM Education Consultant:  What is STEM?

Souletics® Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics

STEM is an acronym referring to the fields of study: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Souletics® STEM focuses on enriching the lives of the under exposed while also teaching health and wellness, building a pool of self disciplined, creative and educated young people who will enjoy long and healthy careers.

As a STEM Education Consultant, or as a complete STEM Program, Souletics® STEM focuses on these critical areas:

  • Work with each student individually to nurture & develop their unique individual skills
  • Empower girls and women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  • Inspire and expose under served youth to new career opportunities
  • Teach a critical engineering skill called “Mask Design”
  • Increase America’s talent pool by improving K–12 science and mathematics education
  • Strengthen the skills of teachers through additional training in science, math and technology
  • Enlarge the pipeline of students prepared to enter college and graduate with STEM degrees
  • Upon graduation, work with each student to assist in the career search and transition into the professional world

The STEM Education/Souletics® STEM Program

Many young people today are not aware of the opportunities the technology sector has to offer. In addition, many urban youth are choosing careers outside of the technology sector.

A career opportunity in technology not only means a solid future for our young people, but also it provides corporations with fresh new talent.

It’s not a coincidence that Silicon Valley is the heartbeat of everything digital; Silicon Valley is one of the most diverse places in the world. Northern California has stood at the front of technology and also social issues dating back to the 1960′s Civil Rights Movement. The Northern California Silicon Valley is an environment that fosters innovation. This is a result of differing people, cultures and races.  Companies would do well in mimicking the Northern California makeup.

STEM Education Consultant Damon J. Smith

Souletics® founder and STEM Consultant Damon J. Smith spent 17+ years as a Senior Mask Designer at Intel Corporation and 6 years as a 2-sport pro athlete.  He has a unique ability to teach young people how to translate athletic traits into an entrepreneurial mindset.

Damon formed Souletics® STEM to address the perceived lack of qualified candidates for high-tech jobs. He wanted to address concern that the subjects are often taught in isolation, away from experts in the field. So while we focus on all aspects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, Souletics® STEM specifically focuses on teaching a critical skill in the semiconductor industry called “Mask Design.” Companies such as Intel, Google, Apple and Samsung all have Mask Designers working for them.  Mask design is considered one of the most important jobs in the Semiconductor Industry. These positions command upwards of $100,000 – $300,000/year for those that are skilled in this area of engineering. Not only does this change the person’s life, but it changes the community from which the young engineers reside.